Life Groups

Find a community to grow, worship, & do life together

Why Do I Need A Life Group?

A relationship with Jesus begins solely between God's heart and ours, but we were never meant to do life alone. After God created the first human, Genesis 2:16 states, "...God said, "It is not good for the human to be alone." Throughout Jesus' ministry on earth, He surrounded himself with a small group of friends that He could confide in, and rely on. God's very existence is in community, being Father, Son, & Spirit - three in one.

Being in community with other believers is an essential element in following Jesus, growing in our faith, and fulfilling our call to love and help others. Joining a Life Group is another step into the abundant life God has for us.

What is a Life Group Exactly?

Life Groups are small communities that encourage one another, grow in their faith together, share each other's burdens, pray for each other, have a ton of fun, and do life together.

When Do Life Groups Meet?

Life Groups decide for themselves as to what location, time, and how often they will meet. One group may gather at someone's home every other Wednesday at 6pm for dinner, a book study, and board games. Another group may meet at a coffee shop on late Friday mornings for bible study and conversation. Some may decide to meet at the church on Sundays in between services in a Sunday school style and setting. Whatever your group chooses, it will be a choice that best fits your community's individual likes, culture, and needs.

Will I Belong?

Every Life Group is intentional with the type of community and culture they create. Whether you're married with kids or an empty nester, a young adult or in your golden years, facing middle-age as a single/married/divorced man or woman - whatever stage or season of life you find yourself in, there is a tribe of people you can relate with, and belong to.

Ready to Join a LifeGroup?