COVID19 Update

The Latest on Kodak Church's Response to COVID-19

It’s not news to anyone that we are in unprecedented times that are pulling each of us in so many different ways.  Church is different right now and we are learning that we must be willing to adapt and change if necessary.  

This week, we will be making some changes to our Worship schedule and the way that we will be communicating with the congregation.  Some may ask why we are doing that now and what that means to our congregation. Allow me to explain by sharing a piece of my heart with you: I’ve been your pastoral leader at Kodak Church since July of 2018 and I have fallen in love with this congregation.  You have amazing ways of caring for each other and a passion to love and serve others outside the walls of our church.  We are a congregation that is blessed with dedicated staff members and lay leaders who provide amazing ministry for all ages.  I am privileged to be your pastor and look forward to another year of ministry together but we are facing some great challenges.

So that we don’t become distant and uninvolved while we’re unable to meet, I want to communicate more and give our congregation the ability to be more connected during this quarantine.  My prayer is that as we ground ourselves in our faith in God, we will grow to love God and each other all the more.

When Will We be Back?

Almost every conversation I have with a church member ends with this question, “So when do you think we will be back in church?”  The answer to that question — “I have no idea!”   I do not know how long it will be before we can meet together again as a congregation. I do know that the Bishop and the Conference Staff want to make sure the timing is right; that we don’t come back together too soon and cause a pandemic in each of our churches. 

What Are We Doing Now?

Sunday Worship

We will be worshipping God every Sunday morning as Kodak Church has for the last twenty-six years. Yes, the online format is different but we are still the body of Christ called Kodak UMC.  Beginning Sunday May 3, we will be offering a 9:00am Traditional serviceand an 11:00 Contemporary Worship servicethat you can access on our church Facebook page, on YouTube (Kodak Church), or on our website (  We are also offering a dial-in service for those without internet to hear the sermon every Sunday at 10:15am.  You can dial this toll-free number, 844-855-4444 and use the access code 763314.

Mission Work

We will be offering different “hands-on” mission projects that will help unite us as a congregation and connect us with the community around us.  These mission opportunities will be communicated by email, phone message, and our church Facebook page.

Staying Connected

We will be communicating with you more as a congregation and inviting you to be connected to this congregation, even when we cannot be together under the same roof. We will be using different methods to communicate each week but all leading to one purpose — to unite us as a congregation.  If you are not signed up for the email or text system, please contact Jamie at the church (933-5996 / and she will get you singed up.  Each week, we will communicate with you in the following ways:

  • Monday — Email that contains worship numbers, Offering last week, and any prayer requests for the week.  CallingPost message that will introduce the mission project of the week.
  • Tuesday — Pastoral Devotion on FaceBook 
  • Wednesday — Prayer call to congregation; Online Bible Study @ 7pm
  • Thursday — Scripture text to group;  list of songs for worship on Sunday that will be posted on FaceBook 
  • Friday — “Favorite Friday” video on FaceBook.  Mix of different people sharing short video of Scripture/ Devotional Thought 
  • Saturday — either text reminder or CallingPost message to congregation